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Rifle/Carbine Essentials
Course Description

Must be US Citizen, National Background Check, Letter of Good Standing or CCW
We acknowledge the process for enrollment may be ponderous however, these precautions must be taken as this particular craft will only be taught to responsible and upstanding citizens.

This course is designed for the novice or beginner shooter.  This is the course where it all begins on a fresh slate.  In this course, you will learn safe and effective gun handling skills, mindset,  maintenance  for your fire arm, fundamentals of shooting, proper manipulation techniques, loading, unloading, magazine changes,  stress sight picture vs. precision sight picture, natural point of aim, economy of movement , your physiology as to how it relates to shooting and of course actual live fire. 

Course Work

  • Life safety brief 
  • Awareness / recognition
  • Rifle/Carbine nomenclature / gun storage considerations / ammunition selection
  • Basic functions and operations / proper equipment placement
  • 7 fundamentals / compressive force/ principal of economy
  • 3 core fundamentals
  • Malfunctions / pro-active / reactive reloads
  • Stress sight picture / precision sight picture
  • Movement drills / advantageous angles / cover vs concealment
  • Multiple target engagement / auditory enrichment
  • OCTS Rifle/Carbine One qualification test

Required Equipment

  • Minimum of 500 rounds of ammunition however 700 is encouraged
  • A practical and properly working rifle/Carbine
  • A practical and properly working handgun with a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition ***if you don't have a handgun contact us for arrangements***
  • Holster
  • Minimum of three magazines
  • Weapons lubricant
  • Ability to hold three plus magazines on a belt or equipment of choice
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Spare batteries if any of your equipment of choice requires them
  • Pen and paper
  • Water
  • Seasonal appropriate clothing  
  • An open mind