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You have the rest of your life to get it right.  However long that may be, is directly up to you.

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At OCTS it is our goal to explain the why and the how.  Why did we do this? Why did we come to this result? Is this going be too practical for the life that I live? Do I need to change things about my daily routine or perhaps my wardrobe? The why and the how must be examined in all aspects of the training we do.  This company will always keep these core ideas and foundations as a part of everything that we teach. With these core ideas and smaller class sizes we have the opportunity to have more one on one time, which sets OCTS aside from all the rest.

Must be US Citizen, National Background Check, Letter of Good Standing or CCW

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CCW Essentials

Handgun Essentials

Handgun Employment Two

Handgun Employment Two

Rifle/Carbine Essentials

Rifle Carbine Employment Two

Rifle/Carbine Employment Two

  Custom, Private, Groups

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